Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

What is Riviera Rambling?

Riviera Rambling is a site dedicated to walkers and ramblers who need a little inspiration where to walk - or even want to share their own favourite walks. It was started as a way to log some of our favourite walks on the French Riviera.

So how do you Grade the Walks?

The grading is not really down to distance alone. We grade according to the difficulty of navigation, conditions of the path and the height gained.

Grade 1 is a clearly defined path no scrambling and map reading
skills needed.

Grade 2 would require some navigating skills & map reading skills and also there
could be a bit of a scramble on broken ground.

Grade 3 Harder and longer walks, often without a clearly defined path. Possibly steep scree and a moderate scrambling may be required.

Most of the walks on this site follow either GRs or local routes. The grades are also given as an indication in good weather conditions, if the conditions are inclement even the easiest path can be difficult to follow.

Are there any scheduled walks?

Riviera Rambling is not a Club or a walking group, its purpose is to promote & share walks. It does not prevent individuals to organise their own group walks, a scheduling function can be made available.