Le Pra - Col de Pouriac - walk - hike

This walk is not in the Les Guides Randoxygène. It is a Grade one as it is easy enough to follow but it is approx 12 km with a 1000m climb. It starts in Le Pra the site of a village north of St Etienne-de-Tinée on the D 64 to Cime de la Bonette. Drive up past the buildings cross the road bridge and park on the left. The walk starts on the other side of the road next to the bridge sign post 42.

le Pras Salso Moreno castel-le-tour Trois Eveques

The walk is well defined and follows the river. After approximately a km you cross the river and start to climb more steeply. The path zig zags through the rocks, with a number of marmots for company.

That section of the climb ends at the “Pas de la Croix Blanche” which is marked by a white cross. The views into the hanging valley are spectacular dominated by the range of the Crete de Tour and Des Trois Eveques. From there the refuge is clearly visible in the valley the path swings to the right and crosses a river it continues to a marker sign post 37. This is where the path meets the GR5 – GR56.. We do not travel on that path so we take the right hand fork to Col de Pouriac.

Italy Col Pouriac Col Pouriac - France home bound

The path then winds its way through glacial moraine mounds to a flat plateau. The path skirts the plateau and follows it to the valley head. This it the final ascent of the walk up to the Col de Pouriac, it zig zags up passing a small tarn on the way.

From the top of the Col you are looking down into Italy. The path on the way back is a reverse of the ascent.

Actual distance 11297.96 m map walk
starting height 1681 m
finishing height 2495 m
Total height ascended 963 m

Trail : Waypoints
Pra East: 32:331235.23 North: 32:4910037.87 Height: 1691 m
SP37 East: 32:331106.89 North: 32:4912026.78 Height: 2107 m
Colle East: 32:332922.43 North: 32:4913796.85 Height: 2494 m

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